Monday, May 31, 2010


i probably mentioned earlier that i'm a total GLEEK. i watch Glee religiously every tuesday. last week GLEE went GAGA! they did such a good job...i think i watched this episode 4 times...thank God for PVR. here's a clip of glee's version of bad romance.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sin city

last month my girlfriends and i took a trip to good ol' sin city. no hubbies or significant others allowed. even though i have only been married for half a year i did miss my was weird not waking up next to

anyways..even though we weren't with our significant others we had lots of fun. it was good to have a girls trip just like old times.

we walked the strip


and went of the clubs threw dollar bills from the ceiling...i think we each walked away with about $25 in dollar bills...good times!!

oh yah...and we had 24hour buffet...b**

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


last year i was busy planning our wedding...which i never thought i would enjoy so much. it was probably because it kept me busy and it was a way for me to be creative and see how the ideas in my head about what my wedding would look like actually come to reality. i had fun with it and when the wedding was over i got to decorate our new home..which was super exciting for me because one my hubby said that i could decorate it however i wanted and two because i was always into interior design tv shows and i always liked looking at furniture and decor whether it be in a magazine or a store. i work as a lab technologist so the wedding and the new condo were great creative outlets for me. a couple of months ago i was talking to my hubby about how i was getting bored with just working and i needed a new way to express my creativity. we came up with a few different ideas together but the one that really sparked my interest was baking cupcakes. not just regular cupcakes like chocolate and vanilla and all that but actually coming up with really different flavors.

so we brainstormed some more and we thought...wouldn't it be cool if you bit into a cupcake and it tasted like an orange creamsicle. so i experimented with a few different recipes over a few weeks and i think i almost have it the way i want it to taste. i made them on saturday night for my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower. the theme of the shower was citrusy orange i thought it was quite appropriate. my tita said she wanted me to make them again for their wedding shower in a few weeks and i got some good comments from other i think that's a good sign right?

here are some pictures of my cupcakes.

while we're doing pictures i might as well post some of the shower..enjoy!

hawaiian sisters

the bride to be in her toilet paper wedding dress

my mommy and me


living in beautiful british columbia comes with the cost of rainy weather...which we are all used to and tend not to notice. except when we have a streak of nice summer weather and all of a sudden mother nature changes her mind and throws a wind and rain storm at us. all this bipolar weather has got me daydreaming....daydreaming of white sand beaches...pina coladas...sun...swimming pools and flip flops. days like today have got me counting down the days till we go back to the mayan riviera.

the last time we were in mexico was last october for our honeymoon...we get to go back this august for our friends's exciting! like i said..counting down the days...sigh...

i love tuesdays

can you believe i actually missed my second day already!! way to keep at the blogging eh? well here goes blogging day 3.

yesterday was my seester's 22nd birthday. i worked late but i went home to have dinner with her and the rest of the fam. some of her friends were there too. happy birthday cass! love you hope you have a great year!!

on a different note...i always look forward to tuesdays..why you ask?

because i am a self-proclaimed GLEEK! every episode draws me in more and more. my hubby and i listen to the soundtrack while we're in the car and sing along at the top of our lungs. anyone that watches glee knows how catchy and addicting glee can be. tonight's episode had neil patrick harris as a word awesome!! now i must be patient and wait till next tuesday.

something new

today my baby sister taught me how to make a blog. so it’s safe to say that i’m quite new to this. this blog will be about me and my everyday musings. hopefully i can keep with it. wish me luck on my new blogging journey!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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