Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lynn Valley Canyon

We've been having such beautiful weather this month that last week the hubby and I decided to go to Lynn Valley Canyon. We picked up my sister, brought a picnic lunch as well as my trusty new toy. It was a perfect place for me to play with my new toy. A suspension bridge, hiking, and a river (where we spent most of the day because it was so hot).

The Suspension Bridge (Hubby was

The View from the Suspension Bridge

These pictures kind of remind me of the forest in the Twilight movies (yah yah im a nerd)

The River..
It was really nice because the water was super cold..perfect on a hot day!

The rocks were really slippery..

And we actually got to see some mermaids on rocks!!!!!

And that was our day at Lynn Valley Canyon. We will definitely be returning again soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

River Rafting Adventure

A few weeks ago my friend Bern contacted me about having a surprise birthday for her husband, Jan.  She told me that Jan had always wanted to try river rafting and she wanted to throw a surprise birthday river rafting trip.  The hubby and I agreed to go along with our other friends, Irene and Mark.  I was a little nervous because I've never been rafting before and I can swim.. just not very well...I was also really nervous because I've been to the Chilliwack river before and I know how fast the river is.  It ended up being a really fun experience despite our very rude tour guide (which I won't get into on here) it was quite an adventure.

Jan had was blind-folded and had headphones on the whole way to Chilliwack.  He had no idea where he was going that day or who would be there.

Jan finally finds out where we are and what we're doing that day.

The boys...

The girls...

The hubby and I...

We had lots of gear to put on before rafting.

Our Rafting Adventure...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ryan + Maricel's Wedding

This past Saturday was my cousin Ryan's wedding. Ryan is like my big brother and seeing him get married made me realize yet again how old we're all getting. I remember when we were younger we would have sleepovers and make music videos and believe it or not we would have tickle fights. Ryan met Maricel at my debut 8 years ago. Who would of thought that the girl Ryan was asking me about on that night would eventually be his wife. I love weddings and I always tear up no matter who's getting married. So this one was a tear fest for me. I had to try to keep it cool because I was part of the ceremony luckily my cousin had plenty of tissues for me to use. :)

Here are pictures of the big event.

The Church

Some flower girls and groomsmen

The hubby and I

The new happy couple
Congratulations to Ryan and Maricel.
Welcome to our ever growing family Maricel!

More pictures to come soon

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My new toy

Over the weekend..the hubby and I bought a new toy for us. Well mostly for me..teehee. Yes, he thinks I'm spoiled sometimes..but just sometimes. The Canon T2i.
Who says that only boys like gadgets..girls like gadgets just as much. It's got so many options that I don't even know how to really use them all...but I'm super excited to learn how especially since we've been having nice weather...I can go out and play with my new toy under different lighting conditions. I'm even considering taking a class? We'll
This weekend was my cousin's wedding. So I will post pictures soon..which of course were taken with my new camera!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kids say the darnest things (Part 2)

payton: I wanna be a zookeeper!
cj: Really?! What's your favourite animal?
payton: Penguins... and koala bears.
cj: Really? Koala bears? Aren't they dangerous?
payton: No! They're not dangerous!
cj: Yeah they are. They attack people.
payton: No they don't! They're so cute.
cj: Ask Daddy Peter.
payton: Daddy Peter, are koalas dangerous?
peter: Yeah they can attack you.
payton: No they can't.
peter: Yeah they attack you when they need to defend themselves when they think you're going to kill them.
payton: Well I'm not gonna kill them. I'll just say "It's okay I won't hurt you."
isabelle: Umm Payton, I don't think they understand english.

Hahaha I love it when kids say funny things that totally catch you off guard.

Friday, July 9, 2010

my prink

even since the hubby and i moved to our new digs..i miss my dog...she used to scratch on my door at night so that she could come sleep in bed with me...

i get to visit her often but on the odd occasion i bring her to our place to spend the night...she doesn't like being at our place so much coz shes not used to being in a condo compared to my parents' house :( which makes me sad...maybe one day the hubby and i will get a dog of our own...

browsing through some pics and found these...i just think its so funny how dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows even though its too way too windy to even open their

i miss my prink