Friday, July 9, 2010

my prink

even since the hubby and i moved to our new digs..i miss my dog...she used to scratch on my door at night so that she could come sleep in bed with me...

i get to visit her often but on the odd occasion i bring her to our place to spend the night...she doesn't like being at our place so much coz shes not used to being in a condo compared to my parents' house :( which makes me sad...maybe one day the hubby and i will get a dog of our own...

browsing through some pics and found these...i just think its so funny how dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows even though its too way too windy to even open their

i miss my prink

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  1. hi!!! thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm so happy to find yours too! prink is so cute. i miss having a dog, but both hubby and i are allergic :P take care!