Monday, July 19, 2010

Ryan + Maricel's Wedding

This past Saturday was my cousin Ryan's wedding. Ryan is like my big brother and seeing him get married made me realize yet again how old we're all getting. I remember when we were younger we would have sleepovers and make music videos and believe it or not we would have tickle fights. Ryan met Maricel at my debut 8 years ago. Who would of thought that the girl Ryan was asking me about on that night would eventually be his wife. I love weddings and I always tear up no matter who's getting married. So this one was a tear fest for me. I had to try to keep it cool because I was part of the ceremony luckily my cousin had plenty of tissues for me to use. :)

Here are pictures of the big event.

The Church

Some flower girls and groomsmen

The hubby and I

The new happy couple
Congratulations to Ryan and Maricel.
Welcome to our ever growing family Maricel!

More pictures to come soon

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