Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lynn Valley Canyon

We've been having such beautiful weather this month that last week the hubby and I decided to go to Lynn Valley Canyon. We picked up my sister, brought a picnic lunch as well as my trusty new toy. It was a perfect place for me to play with my new toy. A suspension bridge, hiking, and a river (where we spent most of the day because it was so hot).

The Suspension Bridge (Hubby was

The View from the Suspension Bridge

These pictures kind of remind me of the forest in the Twilight movies (yah yah im a nerd)

The River..
It was really nice because the water was super cold..perfect on a hot day!

The rocks were really slippery..

And we actually got to see some mermaids on rocks!!!!!

And that was our day at Lynn Valley Canyon. We will definitely be returning again soon.


  1. Suspension bridges scare the beejubus out of me. There was one in Canada that I went to a few years ago and I couldn't get myself to do it.

  2. what a DREAM!!! i would love to be here because i love the outdoors.