Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kids say the darnest things (Part 2)

payton: I wanna be a zookeeper!
cj: Really?! What's your favourite animal?
payton: Penguins... and koala bears.
cj: Really? Koala bears? Aren't they dangerous?
payton: No! They're not dangerous!
cj: Yeah they are. They attack people.
payton: No they don't! They're so cute.
cj: Ask Daddy Peter.
payton: Daddy Peter, are koalas dangerous?
peter: Yeah they can attack you.
payton: No they can't.
peter: Yeah they attack you when they need to defend themselves when they think you're going to kill them.
payton: Well I'm not gonna kill them. I'll just say "It's okay I won't hurt you."
isabelle: Umm Payton, I don't think they understand english.

Hahaha I love it when kids say funny things that totally catch you off guard.

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