Wednesday, June 2, 2010

kids say the darnest things

tonite after dinner..the hubby and i went for ice cream with our cousins who live in the same neighbourhood as us. i love random nights they end up being the most memorable times. i was having a conversation with my 4 year old god-daughter. let me tell you something about my god-daughter. she has always been so well versed for her age ever since she was one. shes a very intelligent 4 year old..and it amazes me how fast shes growing up.

here is the conversation we had.

zoe: i still wear diapers.

ninang: you do? (taps zoe’s bum to see if there was a diaper)

ninang: zoe you don’t wear diapers anymore.

zoe: yes, i do…at night..because i can’t control myself at night.

i love when kids say things you don’t expect them to say..especially when they say it in a grown up

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