Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Vacation - Part 6

So after our awesome lunch at In-N-Out burger we walked down to Fisherman's Wharf.


Fisherman's Wharf was first established during the Gold Rush where early Italian immigrants would fish for dungeness crab.  It has since boomed with popular tourist attractions and is now a must see on any tourist's list. 

We walked through Fisherman's Grotto where there were tons of vendors selling all kinds of seafood fare.  DELISH  too bad we were already full from the In-n-out burgers.
Then we went to the Boudin Bakery.  Which is a popular bakery known for its artisan sourdough bread.  

I thought it was so cool how they made animal shapes out of the bread.

...and how they transported the bread in conveyor belts on the ceiling from the bakery to the front of the shop to be sold.

Then we went outside to check out the views of Alcatraz.  Alcatraz island was once a federal penitentiary which was shut down in 1963 because it was more expensive to operate than other prisons.  The buildings were eroding because of excessive salt water saturation and the water was becoming very polluted by the sewage generated by the 250 prisoners that it was home to. 
There are now tours of this popular prison, unfortunately for us we didn't know tickets are usually sold out two weeks ahead :S  So we settled for viewing it from the wharf.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow the last part of our day :)

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