Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've been ignoring my blog lately, so to make it up for it I'll do a day by day blog about our recent anniversary trip to Hawaii.  Which I will say was fantastic!  Beaching, exploring, sun, water...what more could we ask for. 

However, this first blog post will not be about Hawaii but about our actual anniversary.  We had an evening flight to Hawaii.  So we got up and finished our last minute packing.  Left a set of keys with our friend and drove to my parents' place with all our luggage.

When we got there we found this on the kitchen table.


Yup! The top of our wedding cake.  My mom took it out of the deep freezer and had it defrosting for our one year cake cutting.  How sweet is my mom? She's the sweetest! (But I also think she did it in part because she didn't want that cake taking up room in her freezer anymore) LOL

Here's some pics of us cutting into our cake.

Too be honest..it didn't taste too good anymore.  It was dry..really dry!..lol..but I'm glad we did it.

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