Friday, November 19, 2010

Hawaiian Vacation - Day 1

We arrived in Oahu at 10 pm.  And once we stepped out of the plane we could feel the humidity (yes even at 10 at night).  It felt awesome to leave the cold rainy Vancouver weather behind. 

Next we hopped onto a shuttle which dropped us off at our hotel.  The streets were busy even at midnight.  But we were so tired that we stayed in for the night. 
The next day we got up super early.  Maybe because we turned in early the night before but also because Hawaii is 3 hours behind and we were jetlagged. 

This is the view from our hotel room.

We got dressed and had a quick bite to eat for breakfast and set off to explore.
Our first stop was the beach.  We were actually lucky that we got there early because the beach was practically empty, which wasn't the case once time passed.


Checking out the water...

Experimenting with taking pictures in the water..

We actually got some pictures of fish!

We took a break at from the beach and had some lunch, changed and explored the area more.

This statue was right by our hotel. She was once a Princess of Hawaii.  There were lei flowers on her everyday.

While we were walking we started to hear load Hawaiian music, then we saw a big crowd. So we went to see what was going on...Hawaiian dancers! in the middle of the city..AWESOME!

Our first day was full of exploring and beaching...although I love the winter season...i sure do miss Hawaii :(
Stay tuned for the rest of our stay in Hawaii.

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